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Lazy Developers Guide to Creating a Subversion Repository

If you're a lazy developer like me you want the shortest set of instructions to get up and running with subversion.

Here we go. These instructions are for installing on Debian Linux (more info here). We're going to use the SSH method since this is by far the fastest and easiest. I'll try to setup viewcvs against this repository later so we'll see.

On your server machine:

apt-get install subversion

mkdir /var/lib/svn

svnadmin create /var/lib/svn/PROJECT

chmod -R 777 /var/lib/svn

On you client:

mkdir PROJECT/trunk


mkdir PROJECT/branches

mkdir PROJECT/tags

svn import FULL_LOCAL_PROJECT_PATH svn+ssh://myusername@myserver.org/var/lib/svn/PROJECT -m "Initial import"

svn checkout svn+ssh://myusername@myserver.org/var/lib/svn/PROJECT/trunk PROJECT

You're done! Now you'll have a local copy of your subversion repository to play with. Wasn't that easy?!


The line format was updated to add spacing between commands since it was a bit confusing. I also updated a path statement.


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