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Leaving Rojo

It's been over three years since I started working on Rojo.  I'm very proud of
what we've accomplished and very happy to see the company growing.

Three years is a long time though.  The industry has changed during this time
and I've personally changed a great deal as well.  I'm left with a difficult
question: What should I do now?

I find myself seeking new challenges.  I think it's time to move on.  To that
end, Tuesday July 25th will be my last day at Rojo.

Luckily, I'm leaving Rojo in the hands of an excellent team which will be able
to take care of her just fine.  I'm really excited about some of the features
and pending changes with Rojo. 

I'm not entirely sure what to do now.  This will come in time.  I've been giving
it a lot of thought.  All I know is that for the short term I need to take a
step back and get some perspective.

I might travel again.  I might dedicate some time to learn Japanese.  I think I
might start a new blog.  Might start Podcasting.  I'm definately going to be
spending a lot of time at the gym.  Might start a few more Open Source projects.
I'll also be going to more conferences.  We'll see...



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The Office Window Gal

WOW!!! What a surprise!!! =:-O

I will definitely miss seeing you at the window when I go skating! I hope wherever you go you'll be happy, enriched and fulfilled!

If you are looking for a good Japanese school, I definitely recommend Soko Gakuen I took Beginning 1 with Sato sensei and definitely recommend her. Halper sensei is also good too though (from what I hear...)

Good luck to you!!! Be happy!!! :)

Brad Neuberg

Hi Kevin! I'm sure what ever you move on to will be successful. I'm typing this to you from an internet cafe in Fes, Morocco, in the medina, a labrythine maze of tunnels extending for miles dating from the 12th century. Outside the window donkeys roam by, hawkers sell their wares, and woman in burkas walk through the medina. A woman is sitting next to me chatting to her boyfriend in Arabic using a webcam. May you live in interesting times!

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