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Law of Conservation of Clickthrough

There's an interesting thread going on aboout Adsense Tips to help Bloggers customize their templates to deliver maxium revenue.

I'm fascinated by this topic.  I find it amazing that making such a small tweak to page layout can yield such dramatic profit.  Moving an ad bar can yield a 2x revenue increase.  Amazing.

When I was working on NewsMonster prior to Rojo I was fascinated at how my advertising would increase revenue.  I could buy AdWords or purchase sponsorship on my blog and measure the increase in revenue directly.

Buy $1 of ads and get $3 in revenue.  Pretty cool!  Almost free money!

My worry though is that there's an upper limit here.  I mean how many blog readers are going to click through links.  Granted if the ads are targeted well it shouldn't be too bad.

If there's a Law of Conservation of Clickthrough and there's an upper limit then it might be possible for these adsense tips to choke out other websites. 

There are only so many users and only so many links they can click on per day.

I hope I'm wrong though.


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