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JWZ Gets a Treo 650

 Images Cingulartreo650-1Looks like JWZ bought a Treo 650.

The Treo is everywhere now. Everybody seems to have one.

I got a Treo 650. It seems pretty sweet so far.
What's a good AIM client? Preferably free. Two features required for ranking as "good" would be "always on" and "doesn't log me out of the AIM session on my desktop in Adium". (Therefore AOL's official client does not qualify.)

My advice is to just use VeriChat. It takes a while to tune but once its working its pretty slick. I usually leave it off when I'm using Adium.

After a couple of hours of flailing around, I seem to have gotten it to sync with iCal and the Apple address book (so hopefully I'll never have to look at the monstrosity that is "Palm Desktop" again). But, it seems to sync quite a bit less than "everything". E.g., when I add a userpic to someone on the phone, that doesn't end up in the Apple address book.

This is farther than I've gotten. Impressive. I've been trying to setup Bluetooth but have yet to get it functional.

Apparently you can do it with iSync but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

The only other serious hack I have which I can't live without is NextBus integration. They have a wireless gateway and you can view the pages in the browser. This way I can bookmark the N Judah and it will tell me how long until the train comes. As I'm walking down the hill I can see that if its 1 minute away that I can walk faster.

This has saved me so much time already!

Anyone else have any cool Treo hacks?


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