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Atkins Nutritionals files for chapter 11

Wow. It looks like Atkins Nutritionals files for chapter 11:

BREAKING NEWS -- Atkins Nutritionals Inc. has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The filing, which was was made today, comes after the bust of Atkins' popularity. The diet is of course still very popular (as our readers are quick...

Wow! This is insane!

Of course I have to admit their site doesn't seem that great and there revenue model not that impressive.

Also I think that after the death of Dr. Atkins they just lacked direction.

Still the Atkins craze lives on. Plenty of people have radically improved their health with Atkins (myself included).


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The Office Window Gal

They're probably losing money off of their Atkins products. I looked at their products page. Breakfast bars and canned shakes??? Too much shades of the "Slim Fast/whatever new fad diet" feel for me... *cringe*

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