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"The future direction of xscreensaver has become... highly ambiguous"

Looks like JWZ has migrated to OSX:

Remember last week, when I tried to buy exactly the same audio card that 99.99% of the world owns and convince Linux to be able to play two sounds at once? Yeah, turns out, that was the last straw. I bought an iMac, and now I play my music with iTunes.

Linux is just honestly a pathetic desktop OS.

Every developer that has ignored end user demands are responsible for this pathetic situation.

Every XFree86 developer and KDE developer that hasn't compromised to fix the dual clipboard issue.

Every kernel developer who has contributed to ALSA, Open Source, etc debate and the continued fragmentation of sound support.

Every developer who started their own window manager. Every developer who wrote their own sound server.

You're all to blame. The usability of Linux is pathetic. I'm an expert and when I can't get work done because its just too difficult to figure out how to setup my wireless card - I'll just punt.

Up until now Linux has had a monopoly within the frustrated Windows user market because there was no other choice. We put up with the horrible usability of Linux because the only alternative was Windows. Now we have OS X.

The next generation of hackers are growing to expect OS X functionality. They have their UNIX and all is well in the world.

Expect to loose market share unless this is fixed. Personally I doubt it will happen. Twenty years of unix history seems to back me up here.

I would love to be proven wrong though.


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