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Exercise and Aging.. the good fight.

Ever since I made the decision to go into computer science I was a bit concerned for my health. When I was in college I spent a lot of time in the gym making moderate progress (I was smaller back then) but generally in good shape.

Then I would look around at older members within computer science and they were just in really bad shape due to a sedentary lifestyle.

I promised myself that if I was going to go into computer science that I would never let myself fall apart like this.

The stress of working within startups has taken its toll and I just haven't had time to go to the gym as much as I'd like. I put an end to that now though and I've been going 5 times a week for a month now. I don't plan to stop...

I'm always amazed to see how much fitness can change your life. Loosing 10 - 20 pounds and jogging for 15 minutes a day can make you feel like a totally different person.

Check out how Michael Chiklis has reinvented himself. You may remember him from a TV show in the 90s called "The Commish".

 Commish Cast

 Imgbank News Michaelchiklis

I'm sure he did this for his role in the new Fantastic Four thats coming out soon. Pretty bad ass! This guy is 42 years old! This is only about 6 months of hard work though. Jump on atkins. Hit the gym hard. Maybe get a personal trainer.

The key here is that Michael is obviously just a normal guys. He's no Ahnold so anyone who makes excuses is just hurting themselves.


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