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My Doctor has Wifi!

Wow.. this is awesome! I'm getting a checkup right now and it turns out my Doctor has wifi! This rules. I always hated sitting in the boring waiting room reading a copy of Newsweek from 1974.

This is a big similar to Zawodny's request for wifi at his Acura dealership.


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I love having WiFi at the doctors. I know the signal isn't coming from my doctors office though. I can usually pick up one or two open networks from the condos across the street. Free wireless access should be available for patients in the waiting area anyway. I think the offices make enough money to fit the costs into their budgets.

I always hated sitting in the boring waiting room reading a copy of Newsweek from 1974.

Tell me about it. Although my doctor doesn't have Wifi, I do carry my phone around for a bit of browsing. Especially bloglines, which has a very neat interface for mobiles.

Kevin Burton

Rojo has a mobile interface too.

Its at http://rojo.com/mobile

Its still essentially beta.

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