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Bose Rules!

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About 4 months ago I bought an expensive pair ($150) of Bose TriPort headphones from the Apple Store in San Francisco.

This was after 5 pairs of Sony headphones had broken in a row. Factoring in that each pair had broken at least once before I was already down $150. Factoring the cost of dead cheap speak headphones made it easier to throw down the money for a new pair.

Bose has a great name in the headphones business and the sound quality was just awesome.

I was a little upset when a month ago they snapped on me while I was trying to get work done!

Bose had build the frame out of cheap plastic that just couldn't hold up. I guess I have a big head.

Anyway I called Bose up today and they made me happy. They're going to ship me out a brand new pair of headphones and even renew my one year warranty!

With that in mind though I might end up upgrading. I could sell my new TriPort headphones on Craigslist and then upgrade to their noise canceling model.

Heck. They should have tried to up sell me. If they would have offered to sell me the noise canceling ones for $150 more I would have done it in a second!


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