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Brilliant Mother Post

This post about Stories my Mother Tells is brilliant!

This one nails my mother perfectly:

Closed Captioning for the Sight and Subtlety Impaired

Saving Private Ryan on DVD]

M: They finally found him.

M: I guess he’s going to stay and fight. And why shouldn’t he? Those are the only brothers he has now.

M: Here comes the attack!

M: Tom Hanks is making himself a target to save the others.

M: They shot him!

M: He’s dead.

M: You know what’s ironic? All those people died to save just one man.

I remember one time when I was a kid I heard some noise going on upstairs.  People talking.. I couldn't figure out what was going on.  It was about 2AM and I figured it was strange that we had visitors.

Anyway. I walk up the stairs and peek my head around the door and there's my Mom watching Lethal Weapon 2. 

She's literally talking to the screen.

"Shoot him!"

"Take he knife out of your leg and stab him!"

"Screw Diplomatic Immunity!  Kill him!"

Very motherly advice.


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