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Microsoft to Embrace and Extend RSS

It looks like Microsoft is going to extend and embrace RSS:

"RSS is good for delivering what's new, but not so good for things that are getting sorted or reordered," Schare says.

RSS is primarily used by Web loggers and Web-based news publishers to keep subscribers informed when new Web log entries or news articles have been posted to Web sites. These updates are commonly known as "RSS feeds" and are chosen by Web users according to their interests in particular information published on various sites.

They are of course correct.  RSS falls down in a few areas where the results are sorted.  Examples include search results.

This has been talked about on rss-dev and a lot of the other public RSS lists.  I think the ideal solution is to develop an RSS profile for ordered lists which would just include a hint that the results are meant to be in a given order.

Of course the major problem is that all existing RSS aggregators are built for the "stream of events" model and just because the spec is extended doesn't mean that aggregators will support the update.

The main thing I'm worried about is that Microsoft will do it wrong.  They'll do it in private, ship it in IE, and force the spec down everyone's throats. I hope I'm wrong.  There's a huge community behind RSS and if you don't work with the community you just won't succeed.

Also.... Microsoft... hint.  Think Atom not RSS.


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