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Ethical Compliance in your Robot Vendor

 Roomba Discovery Lg Joi gushes over on his blog about the Roomba. This thing still scares the hell out of me.

At ETech a few years back they gave the scariest talk EVAR!

 Images Irobot-3

Simply put this company has no problem taking DARPA and military contracts drive profits. The Roomba thats cleaning your house has cousins that are right now in Iraq (a war that the majority of Americans and the planet do not support).

Of course none of these robots are lethal (yet). They're not going to kill you but will only assist the people doing the killing. I guess if its murder by proxy then it doesn't count.

This raises ethical question about your robot vendor. Assuming more and more products are made with military contracts in mind do you really want to hand over your hard earned dollars to the type of company that has no problem building technology which will be deployed in Iraq?

I don't! I don't want to have anything to do with them!

The problem is that at the end of the day I still need a clean floor. Luckily they have competition.

Of course maybe I'm a bit crazy here. I have ethical issues with war in general and doubly so since my Grandfather was the founder of a weapons manufacturing corporation.

I'm proud of his technical accomplishments just not of his ethical decisions.

He helped design the PUAV (Pioneer UAV) which was deployed in Desert Storm:

 6-Othermodels 02-Specialaircraft 005-Uav's Rq-2,Pioneer

Certainly not a killing machine by any means but certainly in the same camp.


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